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    A brief introduction to Jingmen Library As a medium-sized, comprehensive and public library, Jingmen Library is the collecting, exchanging and service center of literature and information. In 1984, the ex-Jingmen county Library and the subsequent Jingmen Library merged into a new one. It is located at the foot of the beautiful Mountain Xiang, No.45, Xiangshan Avenue (between Xiangshan Road1 and Xiangshan Road 2)and covered an area of 6100㎡. It has 1503 seats and 100 network nodes and serves more than 1000 readers per day. There are lending rooms, newspapers and periodicals reading rooms, children’s lending room, electronic reading rooms, local literature reading room, beer’s literature reading room and lecture hall, etc. It equipped with a library van, 156 computer terminals, a high bandwidth LAN and an electronic information service system. It opened to public all year round except Friday mornings. Multiple types and levels services are availabe to all readers, including lending, reading, listening, video watching, digital reading, consulting, literature searching, educating, literature exchanging, etc. As the collecting, exchanging and service center of literature and information in Jingmen City, it has 525,000 books and periodicals, including 4,800 ancient books, 5,200 foreign books, 5,000 literatures of beer, 14,000 local literatures as well as some large-scale reference books such as Complete Library in the Four Branches of Literature, The Integration of Ancient and Modern Novels, The Integration of Ancient Books, The Twenty-Four Histories and A Collection of Revolutionary literature, etc. We share 120TB digital resources with the National Library and share 59 literature and information resource databases with Hubei Library. We also created 8 databases by ourself, containing 280,000 digital and network documentation and literatures. As an important part of the city’s public cultural service system, Jingmen Library serves readers in accordance with the ideas of open, equality, public welfare, reading, communicating and sharing. We insist the iead of “Face to public and serve the community” and the policy of “keeping features in literature, outstanding service, standard management and integrated development.” We not only try our best to meet readers’needs but also serve readers efficiently and quickly. Besides lending and reading service, we have been expanding our service area continually. We sent books, informantion and videos to government units, schools, communities, companies, military camps and countrysides. We will try our best to promte the construction of cultural information resources project, striving to set up a platform with massive documentation and literatures which will not be restricted by time and space. Jingmen Library considers lifelong education of the citizens as its responsibility. Therefore, we held many events for readers to popularize nationwide reading and involve readers in a learning atmosphere such as “Happy Sunday”, “Xiangshan Rostrum”, “Happy Sharing”, “Five-hearted Service”and “Jiuyuan Reading Fair”. Those events are infuential in the city, advocated the idea of “Reading will enrich your life.” and created a good reading atmosphere. Jingmen Library is nationwide reading demonstration base, provincial level civilized unit, knight sarvice window in provincial cultural system and provincial social sciences education base. We also devote to strengthen its informational function by compiling and printing Leaders’Reference, Window of Information, Aggregation of Agricultural information and Aggregation of Beer’s information, etc. Those documents have greatly supported government’s decisions, technological innovation and academic research and obtained significant social efficiency.


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